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Since 2005 we have been proving an
"inconvenient truth" HOT GIRLS FART!
And we have a website full of them!
Welcome to the WORLD FAMOUS GGG!
Girls Gone Gross has been featuring some
of the hottest girls all around the world since
2005 and as long as Cute Girls are willing to
defy society's standards we shall continue!
There is no better "host"  for this site than
Your featured fart girl the legendary "Nicole Blaze"

2 OF YOUR FAVORITE MODELS farting for you and opening their mouths so you can JERK OFF INTO THEIR MOUTH when you are done sniffing!  It's a Lola Luv and Nicole Blaze fart fetish BLO BANG!!

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   Nicole Blaze is EATING BOILED EGGS and blowing them right back in your face as she eats them.  She is eating them while looking back at you and the EGGY FART SMELL is instant!  "I am farting these eggs out right into your face" she says..  these farts EXTRA long deep and LOW TONED... you will be in EGG FART EUPHORIA!

JANUARY 31st 2020

   These panty hose are SO TIGHT they are making her ass make INCREDIBLE SOUNDS! and she is farting with EVERY MOVEMENT!  The way she moves will make your heart melt and these farts will melt your nose! these farts were POWERFUL sounded like they HURT COMING OUTTA HER ASS!!!

JANUARY 25th 2020

   These farts are so LONG, WATERY AND EXPLOSIVE it sounded like she was SOILING HERSELF with every fart!  these farts were all BRITNEY MOORE LIKE and there were TONS of them!  She moves so sexy and farts so VICIOUSLY in this one.. she was havin' fun and you will too!

JANUARY 19th 2020

   Nicole is PISSED!  I have never heard her talk this way.. and to be honest I find it MAD SEXY.. and just about all of these farts were TEN SECONDS LONG and bubbly!  She is really HUMILIATING you with her language and OBLITERATING you with long TUBA FARTS

JANUARY 10th 2020

   You hurt her feelings... you cheated on your gf and she is SO PISSED.  Instead of breaking up with you she has decided to lock you in a closet, drink milk all day long and PUNISH your face and nose with LONG, WATERY BUBBLY spoiled milk farts!


   Somehow you have pissed off Miss Nicole Blaze and she has locked you into a closet.  She is still farting and she does not like to waste them so they are going to be blown in your face.. over and over again.  and these bad boys are LONG I mean like TEN SECOND long!

DECEMBER 28th 2019

   Over and over again.. HUGE farts one after the other!  Watch sexy BURRRRNTHA FART HER FUCKING SOUL OUT while doing a very electric and sexy dance for  you!  farting to the beat.. fart sounds making their very own symphony.  long rumbly booty music for your ears nose and face!

DECEMBER 20th 2019

   BAH HUM BUG!  Nicole is NOT in the X mas spirit and instead of giving gifts she is giving HOT STEAMING face farts to everybody..  anybody can get it. she is not discriminating!  she wants to BURY everyones face and SMOTHER THEM in stinky FARTY ass!  these farts are LONG and they were ANGRY she was actually VIBRATING the stuffed toy with her POWERFUL GAS.. well HO HO HO to you too!!

DECEMBER 13th 2019

   FARTING ON BEAT as she dances the night away!  Watch Nichole let out a RUMBLY FART with every movement of her HUGE ROUND ASS right on beat.. this will make you DROOL... trust me. BRUMPH BRUMPH BRUMPH BRUMPH over and over again one after the other!

DECEMBER 6th 2019

  We have all seen chicks move things with their powerful farts but Debbies farts this time are so THUNDEROUS she is about the blow that fucking dress to the other side of the room...  SEE THE PREVIEW PICS!! and it was a very HEAVY denim dress.. not a light sun dress.


  Debbie loves that you are turned on by her farts.  She wants you to get behind her so she can VIBRATE YOUR BALLS with her rumbly farts.. all of these farts were in the FIVE SECOND RANGE and very BUBBLY.  She wants you to JERK OFF so she can see your thick white cum on her dark blue jeans!

NOVEMBER 22nd 2019

  Nicole has CRAZY BAD GAS today.. just look at the preview pic!  that's all FART that is being pushed out!  they are SO LONG in this clip some are TWENTY SECONDS and she says the smell is "intense"!

NOVEMBER 14th 2019

  She was sent to earth from another planet to destroy the faces of all the WEAK MEN on the planet.  She uses LONG WATERY FARTS as her weapon so you better BEWARE.  You cannot run... you cannot hide because BRAPPADELIC and her fart fetish army are coming for your face!  Watch her BLURT OUT long RUMBLY WET farts while she does her interpretative dance!

NOVEMBER 7th 2019

  Man this is HOT!  Debbie has a challenge for you.  She wants you to CUM ON HER TONGUE three times!  She is sitting on a HARD PLASTIC CHAIR and she is going to lean to one side and rip SEVEN SECOND WOBBLERS and she wants you to CUM ON HER TONGUE at the SAME FUCKING TIME...  this is fucking AMAZING!

OCTOBER 30th 2019

  Something about the jeans and that cross legged pose gave Nicole INCREDIBLE sounding LONG farts.  so powerful so deep so RUMBLY.. sounded like her ASSHOLE WAS SPLITTING IN TWO!  and she said the farts smelled like POTATO which I find very hot for some reason.


I LOVE this style video!  Nicole (I know I said Debbie.. but whatever) is having a lazy morning and she just decided to be a BRAT and fart on you under the covers.. now the fun part!

she is breaking up her LONG farts into shorter, deep PARPS.   like PARP. PARP. PARP PARP. PARP. PARP. one after the other.. I can just imagine being back there and getting those short bursts of STINKY AIR blown into my face back to back like that.  and these farts were VERY DUCKY sounding... this is HOT!

OCTOBER 14th 2019

Crazy Penelope went out drinking with the girls again and she came home HAMMERED.  She was acting weird.. and she was farting LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.  She wanted to show me the "skibidi" dance all the girls were doing at the club but she was FARTING SO FUCKING LOUD it was hard to concentrate on her silly dancing!  she is strange.. but I love my farting goddess!

OCTOBER 8th 2019

Be careful that big ol thing can
swallow your head if you get too close!
will melt your fucking face in 2 seconds
Once again it's time to FEAR THE DRAGON

SEPTEMBER 29th 2019

Sargent Twerk fart is here to put you through basic training.  Get on your knees behind her as she twerks out LONG, WATERY FARTS all over your nose and mouth.  Can you handle this intense boot camp?

SEPTEMBER 22nd 2019

blowing on your cock while you
fuck SELENA LOCA doggystyle!
there is NOW WAY you can pull out!
Selena Loca is about to have a baby
and my friend YOU are the father!


Listen as Selena Loca rips ANGRY BUFFALO FARTS while SUCKING YOUR COCK at the same time!  She has just one question... "are you going to cum on my pretty face or in my mouth"  OMG THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!


Selena was making a typical
JOI video where she was being
a brat and calling you a "little dick
pervert" but the MAIN theme in this
video is the farts!  WAT DA FUQ?!
these were the DEEPEST DARKEST
most RUMBLY farts I ever heard!
Sounded like Darth Vader was
trapped in her big butt!


Selena was trying her hardest to be mean
and punish you with her stinky gas but
these farts were SO FUCKING HUGE
that Selena could not stop LOL'ING
at the sounds that were coming out
of that GINORMOUS ass!

AUGUST 31ST 2019

look at her ass! be careful that thing will
devour your face.. and she is being MEAN
in this one... "shut the fuck up and sniff"
bury your face in that big purple ass!

AUGUST 27th 2019

Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..  when
 SELENA LOCA does a simple fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She was able to capture some of the most OUT OF THIS
 WORLD DEEP AND RUMBLY farts that I ever heard!
  Sounded like an ALIEN REVOLUTION coming outta her butt!

AUGUST 20th 2019

the combination of RAW ONIONS AND GARLIC gives Debbie the STINKIEST HOT FARTS EVER!  She says they BURN coming out and will definitely MELT YOUR FACE if you were trying to smell them.  So in this video she shows you STEP BY STEP how she would go about MELTING YOUR FUCKING FACE if you were there!

AUGUST 12th 2019

She is so tired of you BEGGING to sniff her farts
so she is going to REALLY give it to you this time!
you will be BURIED in her HUGE ASS and her
BOOMBASTIC long moaning farts!  the smell is
AWFUL but remember you asked for this!  She will
NOT stop farting until you STOP breathing..  RIP MF!

AUGUST 5th 2019

The Queen got some NEW JEANS and
she wants to "try them out"  You know
what that means... JEAN FARTS!  In
all your favorite poses and one after
the other with very little lag time!
Some of these farts were so POWERFUL
they sounded like they HURT coming out!

JULY 28th 2019

Nicole knew I was feeling bad today so she decided to treat me to some stinky farts.  We went into the car so I could be TRAPPED IN THE SMELL with the WINDOWS ROLLED UP.  and OMG the SMELL.....  I love Nicole and I appreciate her doing this to make me feel better but I THINK I AM GOING TO PASS OUT...  there is NO AIR in this car with the WINDOWS ROLLED UP and I cannot BREATHE!  And FUCK these farts are so long and rumbly I have no Idea what she ate....  I have not AIR.. just FART AIR and I am DIZZY af.

JULY 22nd 2019

I told her to top the first installment and she DID!
Watch sexy Nicole rip OUT OF THIS WORLD farts
over and over again  in jean booty shorts!  You have
NEVER heard farts like this and you have NEVER
seen an ass like this!  THIS ONE IS A MUST SEE!

JULY 15th 2019

Nicole sticks that GINORMOUS ass in your face and farting LONG BLUBBERY FARTS on your nose over and over again... and just when you CAN'T TAKE THE SMELL ANYMORE she thanks you by give you a blowjob.  Is there anything in this world that is more perfect than that.....  no.

JULY 8th 2019

Quite possibly the greatest video ever shot
watch sexy Nicole rip OUT OF THIS WORLD farts
over and over again  in jean booty shorts!  You have
NEVER heard farts like this and you have NEVER
seen an ass like this!  DO NOT MISS THIS CLIP!!
JULY 1ST 2019

FUCK!  After you here these long..
bassTASTIC farts coming outta
You too will be BEGGIN 4 LEGGIN'S

posted since 2005.  Here is just a preview of
what is inside the members area... JOIN NOW!
posted since 2005.  Here is just a preview of
what is inside the members area... JOIN NOW!
posted since 2005.  Here is just a preview of
what is inside the members area... JOIN NOW!
posted since 2005.  Here is just a preview of
what is inside the members area... JOIN NOW!