Sexy Assley is the face of and if you have never
joined that site or you are not familiar with her work I thought this would
be a good time to put her on showcase here on GGG so members
here can see why she is one of the BIGGEST and BADDEST
booties of all the fart girls on the scene right now!  This video
is well over 20 minutes long!  Jeans, panties, nude.. you name it!
This is the clip the world has been waiting
for from Sophie U. Love!  Deep, long, Cheek Flapping
RUMBLERS!  Her ass is so big now and these farts
were so MONSTROUS they actually sounded like
they hurt coming out!  Bassy and ROBUST! Jeans
Panties, long summer dresses and LOTS of Rippers
packed into this one update!  This is a must see!
She as been eating cornbeef and cabbage
all week long!  Her ass is so round....
These farts are so deep and RUMBLY...
And because of what she has eaten her
farts smell SOO BADDD!....  Good thing
she is ripping those MONSTER FARTS
on Winnie the Pooh's nose.. because those
farts would most certainly... MELT YOUR FACE!
"Well go on... sniff it"
you have been following your gf around the
house all week.. well you are in luck because
she finally has BAD GAS!  In this custom style
clip imagine you are laying behind Sophie while
she sticks that HUGE ass in your face and rips
fart after fart after BASSY fart!  Hey you asked
for it and here it is.... so "go on... SNIFF IT!" she
tells you.  She has been eating a lot of veggies
lately so my friend be careful what you ask for!
Donna Trump wearing tight yoga pants
and farting like a mad women!  Does
it really get any better than this?  One
of the biggest and best booties in the
business and one of the best farters
to ever do it.  This right here is a must see!
Donna Trump is one of my all time favorite booties
to ever join in this niche.  Berlin, BBP, Sophie
U. Luv Stormy are a few others that I would put
on my own personal "Mount RumpsMore" of
Big Butt Farting models.  Donna Trump is also
a top farter so if you like Big Booty and Deep
Low Toned farts then you will love this clip!
Her ass looks so good in those booty shorts
and she does many different sexy poses and
this clip is completely loaded with farts with
little or no dead time between them!

When you are talking about the best of the best..
top shelf ... high end... second to none quality fart
clips you can only say one name.... TRUMP!  But
no we are not talking about the billionaire.. the "Donald"
We are talking about the "Donna"... One of the greatest
fart models to ever walk this earth DONNA TRUMP!  In
her unbelievable return she is ripping MONSTER BUBBLERS
IN TIGHT JEANS!!!  Yes the ass is even BIGGER... the farts
are even DEEPER AND BASSIER!  this is not to be missed!!

Dolly Woods has already turned in
some great fart content but when I
gave her her first "batman" assignment
I had no idea she was capable of producing
the thick dense LAWWGZ that I saw in this
first clip!  As a member of this site you can
also get the "un-rated" version of this update!!

ThanksGiving has come and gone.  All the
relatives have left and it's just you and your
leftovers.  That's right, turkey, southern style
cornbread dressing and cheesy mashed potatoes.
For 4 days straight!  Your system is on OVERLOAD
and your stomach has been TORE UP!  Sure, eating
all that rich food sure tastes good but you know at
some point you will have to PAY THE PIPER!  This is
We all know that tight jeans brings out the best in any
new fart model so  I told Dolly to get out her tightest
pair and go to work!  All the sexy GGG poses and angles
and most importantly all of her best farts recorded over the
span of a couple of weeks!  This is by far her BEST VIDEO YET!

Dolly Woodz has arrived!  This is just her 3rd update and already everything
has clicked for her and she is making AMAZING content!  She learned the art
of the fart clip pretty quickly, I must say.  The poses, the angles, the clothes
you like and BIG FARTS!  She hit her stride in this game already, well Hello Dolly!
That's right one of the greatest models this fetish has ever
seen is back and better than ever!  Bigger booty, BIGGER FARTS!
As amazing as she was years ago just imagine how amazing
Misti in 2015 is going to be.  THIS IS A MUST SEE!
Our Newest model Dolly Woodz is getting
a crash course on how to make the BEST
girl farting videos.  In this set she is doing
all the classics.  Tight jeans, ladylike farts
panty farts and even some naked butt farts!
She is getting the poses down and everything!
She is a great farter and is already on her way
to being one of the GGG top models!
Please welcome new model Dolly Woodz!  Big booty
of course... big farts... of course and all the poses
and wardrobe changes that you love!  We are always
happy to introduce a new model to the C World Entertainment
family and this one is going to be a spectacular edition!

Sophia has not seen her man in 2 weeks because he is
out of town on business so she is VERY HORNY!  No
matter what she does she cannot stop touching herself!
She has also been eating more food out of boredom and
she has been VERY GASSY as well!  So in this video you
have a girl who can't stop masturbating and consequently
CANNOT STOP FARTING!!!  This is one SEXY video!!

Yea.. I know I know.. it sucks that you really can't be
there while Sophie's HUGE ASS is one inch away
from your nose but at least you can pretend you
are a stuffed animal getting the ultimate face
fart session!  OMG her farts sound SO GOOD in
this one and her booty looks ROUND and RIDICULOUS!
Get out the lotion, get your imagination going and have at it!
This started off to be the best fart video
ever and it ending up being the greatest
SHART video ever!  I don't know what Sophie
ate but it gave her EXPLOSIVE gas which lead
Ate one point she SPLATTERED the camera!  This
video is for the WET AND MESSY fart lover only!

In my book there are 10 components that make up the
PERFECT fart video and Sophia has hit them all!!
1.  BIG FARTS! 2.  Big round ass 3.  Sexy poses
4.  Variety of outfits 5.  Variety of backdrops
6. Variety of farts sounds. 7.  LOTS of farts with no lag
8.  Reaction to the smell 9. Shot in HD and last but not
least 10.  FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!  This video is a 10 out of 10!

The facial expressions, the way her ass looks
her "ass to waist" ratio.. the way these HUGE
long farts sound!  If you do not think that this
then I have some good news for you my friend...
Did I mention her FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?!?
Seriously.. just the look on her face when she
is releasing these long drawn out bombs will
make you cum immediately. MUST WATCH UPDATE!
If you don't agree that this is the best thing ever
then you must be cured of this obscure kink!

Sexy Raven is the hottest black girl to ever
join this niche and one of the hottest overall
of any ethnicity!  So pretty, sexy voice, feminine
and girly just like I like them.  This girl can also
fart with the best of them.  She is allowing me to feature
her best clips here on GGG and you are going to LOVE
these!  Some candid, sexy tight jeans, custom style
ideas with even a plopp filled toilet clip to finish it off!
I will tell you all one thing... BLACK GIRLS ROCK!
This girl is so pretty, so beautiful so feminine
so girly I just knew I had to bring her over to GGG!
Raven Enchant is such a cutie pie I just can't stand it!
I picked the best of what she had already made to
bring over here to my GGG fans to check her out!
She's got the face, she's got the body and she
can fart with the best of them.  So adorable this
girl is!  My very own little brown playboy bunny!
In this custom style video Sexy Sophie is asking
you how you would like your farts.  So you get on
your knees and she farts in your face.  She lays
on her stomach and you get behind her.  She
lays on her side and even doggystyle for you!
The farts are huge and she poses at an angle
that makes you feel like you are right there with
her!  This custom video idea takes a drastic turn
when Sophie visibly SOILS HER PANTY HOSE
after a series of EXPLOSIVE farts!  Although
she has cleary made a mess she just keeps
right on fartin' like the trooper she is!
Sophie's ass has gotten so much
BIGGER and ROUNDER and as you
might imagine it has changed the sounds
of her farts.  She has always been long
multi-toned and gusty but now she has
added deep and rumbly to her portfolio!
For all of you that have been waiting for that
"Donna Trump" bass to come out of Sophies
ass.. well.. that time has finally come!
The way her ass looks...
The way these farts sound....
The way the soft fabric hugs her huge rump...
The way she giggles that booty meat!
Just imagine burying your nose right in between
those supple cheeks and sniffing that fart.....
If you have "the fetish" THIS my friend will
most certainly GET YOU HARD!!
Sometimes you have to lift that leg up to really
let that gas all the way out!  Girls these days kill
me!  Just because they are hot they have ZERO
manners anymore!  Sophie U. Luv is just sitting
there reading her books and magazines and farting
like a crazy person!  I must admit it does look kind
of sexy watching her get out those long relieving
farts.  She's lifting her leg and ripping long
RIPPERS without a care in the world.  Oh well,
sometimes you just got to "let it go" #frozen
Big booties are the backbone of our
brand.  Anyone that knows us knows that.
We got a lot of them but right now I would have
to put Sophie U. Luv at the top of the pile in the
"Cake" category.  She knows how to pose it too!
She is a great farter and really great at making
videos.  She knows what the fans wants to see
and her videos are always MUST SEE MATERIAL!
This one is no different.  HUGE farts in all the poses
you luv wearing all the stuff you luv.. cuz it's Sophie U. Luv!

The day has finally come that the Queen
of Farts has done a cameo clip for GGG!
I say best ever a lot but she truly is the
BEST EVER and I knew the clip we did
together had to be EPIC!  I knew she had
to be wearing jeans... I knew she had to fart
"ladylike" style and I wanted BASS so she sat
with her ass buried in fabric.... and I knew the
farts had to be LONG, DEEP AND BUBBLEY!  This
video is PERFECT... frankly it is my dream! The
one thing I did not expect was for her to FLOOD
her jeans with gassy DIARRIAH!  That's right,
she gobbled up all of her favorite fart foods
because she wanted to have the best farts
for our video together but I think the coffee
drink might have been too much and it gave
her the RUNS!  Being the professional that
she is she finished the video BUBBLE GUTS
and all so consider this.. Lizzy's WET DREAM!!
Which one of these BIG, BOUNTIFUL BOOTIES
from New Zealand is going to win in this EPIC
battle of boombastic, booming sounds coming
from their bottoms?!  Fart Fetish Barbie and
Sexy Assley are going head to head and butt
to butt in this friendly competition of farting
skills and sex appeal!  Both of these cuties
will be making sweet music out of those
big backsides ... so.. who you got?!
This chick literally has a PERFECT body!
We have had a lot of girls with fantastic
bodies but we tend to showcase "thick"
hotties.  This girl is sleek and toned like
 a sexy Minx but still has a HUGE ROUND
ass that can rival any of your favorite
big booty girls.  Plain and simple her figure
is a work of art!  Like a "van goh" painting!
Her first (of many) clip is a fart compilation
taken over 5 days.  Constant farts with little
"lag" time between.  These farts were "brewed"
after she went to the farmers market and ate
a whole bag of Kale every day until it was gone.
Kale farts have a strong "broculli" smell to them.
(or so I have been told... wink wink)
2 of our hottest girls are from New Zealand
and they have impacted the world of girls
farting in a BIG way!  You won't find hotter,
you won't find sexier, you will not find
kinkier or naughtier girls either!  As a
matter of fact, with the 2 of them together
in this clip you may not find a BETTER
fart clip than this!  YOU WILL NOT GET
(if you know what I mean)  BUBBLEY
CHEEK FLAPPERS in jeans, sexy, girly
ladylike rips and burping!  This clip
is what is all about!

You can go to and
to see these amazing models individually
I want the whole fart world to get a look at
Sereph Doll!  Sereph Doll is going to be taking
over which is going to be a
candid fart/face fart site so I wanted all my GGG
fans to get another look because I see a lot in her
and that is why I offered her her own site already!
This is only her second clip for us and they are
getting better and better each time.  Big Booty,
Big Boobs, Pretty Face and HUGE farts!  She is
rippin' bombs in tight cut off jeans.. you gotta see this!
I am the superlative guy.. I know.. I get it.  Nevermind that.
I need you to listen to me.  I want to introduce to you "the bear".
Yep.. she's already got a nickname and ALREADY I would put her
in the top 5 greatest farters this niche has ever seen... maybe
even top 3.  As a matter of fact this is the GREATEST COLLECTION
OF FARTS I have ever seen or heard.  This 20min. video might just
be the best video you see all year.  NO JOKE.  BET THE FARM ON IT!
This is the BEAR cotdayumit!  Welcome her to C World Entertainment!
In this TWENTY MINUTE VIDEO you will see everything
there is to see when it comes to hot girls farting!  Candid,
fetishy, jean farts, naked farts, pajama's bottoms, sexy
panties... LONG GUSTY TOILET FARTS!!!  This clip is
SO HOT that even Rocki herself began to get turned
on and she had to touch herself ripping deep, multi-toned farts!
If you don't think that this is one of the hottest fart clips
you have ever seen then my friend You don't have the fart fetish!

This 21 minute video emcompasses everything that
Girls Gone Gross is all about!  A sexy "girl next door"
sharing her farts with the whole world in a candid
setting.  A girl just being herself, being natural
and ripping MONSTER farts!  She may have the
sex appeal to be an adult model but she is just a
"regular girl" just like the ones we see on YT, showing
the world what hot girls do behind closed doors!
Introducing "Rockelle" aka "Rocki"
This girl has never been on the internet before but
she is clearly no "amateur" when it comes to farting!
Jackie, Lexxxi Lockhart, Chastity... add her to the list
of great farters that we have featured on this site.
In this clip she is farting in all different places and
all types of different scenarios.  Merry Christmas
from CW Entertainment!  She's gonna Rock Your World!

Introducing "Rockelle" aka "Rocki"
Just like the movie, an unknown newcomer to the game
comes on the scene and dominates all the competion!
There are a lot of really hot adult fetish models doing
videos right now, more than ever as a matter of fact..
but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can compare
to an amateur, "girl next door" never been on camera
before type of model!  Rocki is gonna KNOCK YOU OUT!!!!
Welcome Home Chastity Charms!
Yes Christmas has come early because
Sexy, Big Booty Chastity Charms is back!
Back on GGG where she belongs looking
and "sounding" better than ever!  Yes she
is a "2 way Player" so we had to throw some
farty, apple dropping clips in there as well!
If LONG, DEEP, BASSY BOMBS are your thing
then it is time to get that subscription in order!
Spicy sausages give cousin Jane a turrible stomach
ache!  Simply put she has to POOP!  She wants all of
her kinfolk to smell her pre poop farts before she goes
to empty out her belly in the bathroom.  Pawpa said her
pre poop farts smell like "pure poo poo"  WTF?!?!

Cousin Jane been eatin dem collard greens again!  Dem dere
greens give cousin Jane real BAD GAS!  These Farts smelled
so bad she wanted to share them with all her kin folk!  PaPaw..
Memaw and PawPaw's girlfriend!  Had the whole dam
place smellin' like a OUTHOUSE!  This vid is Ca RAZY!!

These famous farters team up to make an amazing 1,2 punch!
Both very sexy, both very curvy, both farting candidly GGG style!
You will see both of these hotties like you have never seen them
before.. like you have always dreamed to see them.. now for the quiz,
 can you tell me who they are?  Don't everyone answer at once!

Yes fart lovers.. your dreams have come true!  
Melody Jordan farting candidly... GGG Style!!!
Every now and then a video comes a long that is practically PERFECT.
There are so many things that make for a great fart video.  Wardrobe(skin tight jeans)
Posing(big booty in your face) Model(hot, thick and huge ass) Camera Quality(excellent)
Angles(all the ones you love) and most importantly Fart size(HUGE!!)  This is one of those
videos where you just say to your self "BINGO"....  "now THAT is what I am talking about"
Sophie U. Luv in my book is already approaching top ten status!  Join GGG today!
"Panties or Tight Jeans?"
Since the beginning of time there has been a friendly debate amongst fart
lovers.  Do you prefer your girl farts in tight jeans or sexy panties?  Well
we have none other than our newest model "Assley" to don both articles
of clothing and help us put this question to bed forever! This is a MUST SEE!
This girls body is CAA RAAAZY!!  Meet new model "Assley", newest recruit to
C World Entertainment!  This girls booty will make you want to smack yo mama!
Not to mention she can fart too!  Her first video here is OVER 20 MINUTES LONG!
It's packed with ass and farts and farts and more ass!  The video is shot POV
style and she is talking to you and teasing you because she knows you love
her farts.  She is wearing sexy panties and farting in sexy poses (of course she is)
Get your membership in order now!  It's about to get really HOT in herrrrrre!!!
candid camera
Candid farts with DBBB!
Donkey Booty Bri Bailey is my new favorite model!  Sexy long legs,
beautiful face, and HUGE DONKEY BOOTY on a slim and trim frame.
She is also a fantastic farter!  This babe is the complete package!
Watch her fart in a candid setting, reading, resting, texting and
showing of that gorgeous body of hers.  I LOVE THIS GIRL!
King Kong VS Godzilla!
King Kong is no match for the GODZILLA farts that are coming
out of Angelica Ravens ass!  For a petite girl let me tell you
this girl can fart!  So sexy in her skin tight jeans, gorgeous
face, HUGE farts!  This is a MUST SEE FART VIDEO!!!
You know how sometimes you have that stubborn gas bubble
and you are trying to fart but it just won't come out?!  You move
around and switch positions until finally you have to lift your
leg to release ALL THAT GAS?!?!  Well that happens to hot chicks too!
She might be all dressed up in a sexy skirt or tight jeans or maybe she
is just in her panties... she still has to raise her leg to get that fart out!
If you like hot chicks lifting their legs to rip BUBBLE FARTS then don't miss this!
Lexxxi takes the number one slot
Lexxxi has already proved to be a GOAT.  In other words she
is already in that elite group of the best fart girls ever!
Even more than that she has risen to the top of even
that exclusive group.  In my book she is the best of the
best.  Numero Uno, and we have just posted
a 22 minute movie pleading our case!
You know how at the end of a DVD they have bonus scenes.  
Extended footage, never before seen hidden gems?!  Well
that's what this is!  This 20 MINUTE COMPILATION features
the return of RoKzilla, sexy Bambi and the Milky Milf and
a GGG exclusive....  Gumdokims very first batch of toilet
candid fart/ toilet clip movie for those of you that love both!
"C Worlds Superbowl Sunday"
There is no better time than to showcase the best of the best!
We have given you a snap shot of a few of our "top models".
Sexy candid farts from Rad Gurl that were HUGE!  Candid
farts from Alexis Young and Fiona Applez.  A fetishy video of
Coco Simone farting on a stuffed animal and sexy chair farts
from Lexxxi Lockhart who also throws in an explosive toilet clip!
My girls are fly like the Ravens and there are probably 49 farts in this vid!
Join now its SUPER SUNDAY here at C World!
"GGG welcomes Angelica Raven"
We have a new model to present to you guys and her name is Angelica Raven!
She is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Long jet black hair, petite yet very curvy!
Huge natural boobies and a model like face, let me take that back she is a model!
However her most stunning attribute is her ability to rip HUGE LONG FARTS!
Not since Peteuse have I seen a girl so small that can fart so big!  JOIN NOW!
This is GGG's first fart MOVIE!  That's right this video is over 25 MINUTES LONG!
  This video was shot "on-location" style but she was able to let out a TON of farts!
This video is amazing!  just amazing.... fart fans, this is actually a MUST SEE!
"Happy New Year! from Rad Gurl"
We wanted to start this new year just like we ended it!
By keeping this amazing winning streak of Rad Gurl clips going.
Our fans keep begging for more RG and we gotta give the people
what they want!  This bad boys just keep getting better and better!
"Merry Christmas from Rad Gurl"
Look what I found in my stocking on Christmas morning.
Rad Gurl turns in another amazing clip!  Like fine wine
she is getting better with age!  Merry Christmas Fart Lovers!
"My apologies to your privates"
Let me just tell you...  If you like Rad Gurl then this video
is going to drive you crazy!  Some of her biggest farts
ever, her body looks AMAZING and she so sexy in this set!
You will masturrbate like you have never done before!
Not really that much more I can say other than JOIN NOW!!!!
"She is Woman hear her ROAR!!"
When we first met the adorable Rad Gurl she had
just turned 19.  It's been a few years now and she
is blossoming into a GORGEOUS woman!  She
is still an athelete but she has put on some
weight in all the right places.  Her body is
now TO DIE FOR and more importantly these
are the BIGGEST, LONGEST farts she has
ever turned in.  She is a Woman now
"Weird Science"
CANDY, AND REFRIED BEANS and watch what happens to your
insides!  Lexxxi is not afraid.. as a matter of fact she just recently
tried this EXPLOSIVE science experiment!  YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!
 Right now.. in my mind..  Lexxxi Lockhart and Kinky Kristi are like
1a and 1b as far as the GREATEST fart models of all time list goes!
October 23rd 2012
"Da Hangover"
 Lexxxi and a friend decided to go to vegas and blow off some steam.  Little did she know that
it would be the CRAZIEST vacation of her life!  She was drinking the WHOLE TIME and she
found her self doing some of the STRANGEST things ever!  Like farting in a PUBLIC laundry.....
Farting in the PUBLIC hallway of the hotel.. farting LOUDLY in the PUBLIC toilet...
SHE EVEN DOES HER FIRST FACE FART SCENE!!  She did not care where she was
or who was watching when she had to fart...... Without a doubt this is a MUST SEE!!
October 13th 2012
"What it smell like?"
 Wouldn't we all like to switch places with "Skullie" for a day?!  I asked him to try to describe
the smell of sexy Alexis' farts and he came up with some very interesting descriptions.
"Spoiled Broccoli" "Rotten Eggs" "Rancid Doggy Poo" and "Old Trash".  I wish I could
spend one day with Alexis and form my very own independent study.
October 2nd 2012
"Introducing Tia"
 Yet again we bring you a new model that is already on fire in the world of adult movies!
We bring you Tia!  Very petite, yet some how super curvy!  Very hot, very girly!  A perfect
formula for a female farter!  She is small, yung and petite like Freeky Jessi but she has a
J-lo booty!  I have never seen a girl this tiny with curves like this.. you will LOVE her!  How
does she feel about girls farting in public?  What is her definition of "ladylike?", "what do her
farts smell like?"  these and many other questions will be answered in this AMAZING "on location"
video!  She was only able to squeeze out a few farts but the is definitely joining the family!
Clip one is only the beginning.. it only gets better from this point, so without further ado.... TIA!
September 14th 2012
"Meet Skullie aka Mr. Lucky"
 Being the Godfather of girl farts I know of only one man that has had greater luck with girls
farting than I have.  Meet "Skullie" aka the LUCKIEST MAN ON EARTH!  See he is the bf of
Alexis Young and she serves of the face farts for him on a regular basis.  In this clip she
rips LONG BUBBLEY DUCK FARTS right up is nostrils in sexy lingerie and many other outfits.
Game recognizes game... what up Skullie?!  I see ya boi!
September 6th 2012
"Duck Farts Defined!"
 Here at C World we make a lot of references to "duck farts".  Duck farts are pretty easy to figure out,
they are bassy and make a "quacking" noise like a duck.  Well apparently Alexis Young had Daffi Duck
stuck in her pants because I have never heard farts "duckier" than this!  Mr. Lucky was there and
he got to sniff ALL OF THEM!  Lucky S.O.B!  Duck farts right up your nose!  Could anything be better?!
August 6th 2012
The Greatest FaceFart Clip ever made!
 Besides YOU GOTTA SEE THIS.. there is nothing else left to say.
July 12th 2012
GGG introduces "Bambi" our first celebrity!
 OMG!  For starters I am telling you right now that this is the
HOTTEST girl you will ever witness farting!  This girl is famous
and getting her on GGG is my biggest accomplishment to date!
Because she is a working, relevant celebrity she chose to not
show her face but her body is so amazing that you will not miss
seeing her face.  I will say though that she is "Miss America" beautiful
face wise.  This video was shot "on-location" style much like
the first Lexxxi, Kolumbiana and Delilah but she was able to let out
a good amount of farts!  This was a spur of the moment thing and
getting farts on tape like that is sometimes hard but this shoot
went very well!  If you are a true fetishist... YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!
July 4th 2012
"GGG Spotlight on the Coco Simone"
 Coco Simone is one of the most amazing models to come along
in some time.  Like Peteuse and Fiona she has that super girly "too
cute to be farting on camera" vibe to her.  I like to think of her as everyones
favorite fart girl dipped in caramel.  She is just that HOT!  She is primarily a model but I thought it was time to feature her
right here on our flagship site.
June 27th 2012
"Gassy Erotica"
Erotica has become well known for her AMAZING toilet fart
videos!  I finally convinced her to do a candid fart video
for me and she does not dissappoint!  She has a very
busy life so it is difficult for her to catch her farts on tape
so it took a while to get this compilation but as you will
see she has a lot of potential.  This is actually a "combo"
clip because we also added in 3 of ther incredible toilet
videos.  Toilet lovers can buy her clips at
June 19th 2012
"GGG Spotlight on the Milky Milf"
 The Milky Milf is a freaky lady that I met from the deep south!
Really nice ass and sweet as a button!  What I love is that she
will do anything that I ask.  Jeans, Panties, toilet farts, face farts!
No matter what I throw at her she delivers!  She is primarily a model but I thought it was time to feature her
right here on our flagship site.
June 6th 2012
"The Evolution of Lexxxi Lockhart"
 It's been about a year now that Lexxxi Lockhart has been
with C World Entertainment and what a difference a year makes.
She knows all the tricks of our trade and she is putting out some of
the best farting videos ever seen!  She currently has her own site, but we just had to bring her back to GGG to give
members there an exclusive look at how good she has gotten!
It's like one day she turned on the switch and BINGO! she as arrived!
May 30th 2012
"GGG Spotlight on Fiona Applez"
 Fiona Applez has been doing videos for quite some time now.
I honestly feel like she is one of the hottest chicks to participate
in this crazy niche of girls farting.  Beautiful face, perfect body
and capable of some nice rippers!  For this week GGG members
I would like to "spotlight" and showcase the talents of Fiona Applez!
She can also be found on the site
May 23RD 2012
 Kinky Kristi has delivered her beautiful new baby
and she is back for her second term as the Princess of Farts!
She likes the way the weight gain enhances her curves, namely
her bootay!  She is working hard to get her body back and keep
those delicious curves as well.  The POF is back for a cameo and her
body is very "bootylicious" at the moment!  GGG welcome back the POF!
May 16TH 2012
"The art of the fart"
 This week is a study on fart sounds everyone!  Addison wanted
to know what it would be like to fart in boy shorts, a thong and
sweatpants with no panties.  She farted over and over again
in those warddrobe changes to see exactly how the sounds
coming out of her ass would change.  What were her findings you ask?
Join today to find out the results of her experiment.
May 9TH 2012
"I will never eat burritoes again"
 These farts were long!  These farts were BASSY! They kept coming!
She had to lean over and manuvere her body to get them out!
They STUNK! and they were REALLY HOT coming out of her butt!
Taking all these things into account poor Addison Lynne has
determined she will "never eat burrito's again".


April 25th 2012
"Candid farting with Bossy Delilah"
 The people have spoken and we listened.  You want
to see Delilah rip huge farts while on the phone with a friend?
Done.  You want to see Delilah in a completely candid setting
ripping huge farts?  Done.  You want to enjoy your farting Delilah
with just you and her and no one else.. done!  Ladies and Gentleman,
the worlds first completely candid farting video of Bossy Delilah!

April 18th 2012
"Loads and loads of long farts!"
 Couldn't come up with a fancy description for this one.
So it is what it is.  There are an awful lot of farts in this clip
and 80% of these bad boys are long as hell!  Addision is a good
farter and she is well known for making LOOOOONG ones.. like in this clip!
April 11th 2012
"Long 'Gusty' Panty Farts!"
 Addison Lynne is back with another super sexy fart clip!
I consider farts that are long with a deep tonage to them
as "gusty".  Kinda like bassy but a little different.  Well
Addison is famous for this fart sound and you are going
to hear a lot of them in this clip!  There are some bassy
ones too but those were ripped in jeans.  No matter what
the tone Addison Lynne got it "going on".

March 28th 2012
"Bossy Delilah comes to GGG!"
 GGG a "titan" in the world of girl farts and "Bossy Delilah"
one of the top femdom performers in the world have FINALLY came
together!  This my friends is THE GREATEST FART VIDEO EVER MADE!
in fact.. if you watch this and you don't feel like it is... THE GREATEST FART
VIDEO THAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!.... then do us all a favor.... KILL YO SELF!!!
"On Location" Bossy Delilah blows away the competition with her GINORMOUS
round ass and her sexy, sassy personality.  My friends.. you have NEVER heard
farts like these!  LONG, BASS TONED, CHEEK FLAPPERY is the only way I can
describe these farts..... nuff talkin'...... YOU'SE GOTTA SEE THIS!!
March 19th 2012
"Naughty Natt's Chili Bean BLAST OFF!"
 Natt ate her world famous chili for 3 days straight and recorded
the aftermath for GGG.  Not only did she eat the chili but she washed
down every bowl with her favorite beer.  Needless to say her gas tank
was FULL for the rest of the week!  She put on her tight jeans and began
March 5th 2012
"girly-like farts"
 Long ago we famously named sitting with your legs crossed in cute feminine attire as farting "lady-like" style.
Alexis Young is only 18 years old so it just did not feel right calling her a "lady".  So this cute young girl put
on sexy skirts and dresses and ripped some HUGE farts in them for us!  This set came out real sexy and
at the very end the poor camera had to run and get his face involved.. guess he just couldn't resist anymore..
February 29th 2012
 We have been teaching Addison exactly how to do videos the "GGG way" for a couple years now and I think
all of that input and advice finally clicked!  The poses, the warddrobe, the way she acts in the video it was
all done so perfectly it left me saying BINGO when I was done watching it.  It's HOT and I bet you will be saying it too!
February 25th 2012
 Every girl featured on GGG has their very own style
and RoKKZilla will be no different.  She is the daughter
of a famous rocker and she has joined GGG to hopefully
gain a little fame of her own.  This chick has a HOT body!
This first set of clips were taken on her cell phone so the
quality is not great but you will get to see a great new face
and hear lots of sexy farts from yet another plump round ass!
GGG fans, this set is only the beginning join now to watch
RoKKZilla become a ROCKSTAR in her own right.. just like papa!
February 18th 2012
 Every now and then we like to feature our
sister sites and this week we are highlighting
Lexxxi and Fiona.  These girls are setting the
girl fart world on fire right now!  10 years ago
it would have seemed impossible to think that
2 girls like this would be participating in this niche
let alone have their own sites!  Ones a "wooty"
the other is "super model" hot!  Check them
out here and on their own sites and
February 7th 2012
"Caramel Sundaes"
 Sexy Coco Simone reminds me
of my favorite thing in the whole
world..  caramel sundaes!  Let's
start with the creamy, beautiful
light skin.  Then the curvy, toned
body and overall gorgeous looks.
Lastly her farts are SWEET and
this clip is loaded with them!
mmmmmmmmm.... yummy!
January 30th 2012
"Rad's fart diary"
 I don't want to miss any of my girls
farts ever again!  So I been convincing
all of them to keep fart diary's.  In other
words film all of your farts!  Even if you
are just in sweats, even if your hair is
a mess, we don't care we want to hear
all of their farts!  Rad did very well with
this idea!  Nice rips in this clip for sure!
January 24th 2012
"Let me start by saying... I am so sorry"
 I am sorry that this lucky guy is having his hot 18 yr. old
girlfriend rip LONG, BUBBLY CABBAGE FARTS in his
face and it is not you.  I am sorry for how WILD this
video is going to make you feel.  I am also sorry that
it most likely will never happen to a lot of you.  I am
sorry for the frustration this video will make you feel
when it is done.  I am also sorry if your membership
to GGG just ended before you got a chance to SEE THIS!!

January 15th 2012
"Fun with Farts with new model Anastasia"
 We have yet another new model to introduce.
Meet Anastasia!  New to the biz and a great
farter!  She has a really sexy body and a
nice round full ass!  However in this clip she is
having fun with her farts.. as you can tell by
her silly grin.  So the lingerie and sexy panties
will have to be put on hold for now.
Join now!  This one is a keeper for real!
January 19th 2012
"World Premier of Coco Simone"
Ebony models are hard to come by in this business
but C World Entertainment has found a real gem!
Coco Simone is GORGEOUS!  I mean model GORGEOUS!
She has a super hot toned, curvy body and she is Lactose
Intolerant which makes her one hell of a farter!  She was born
to do this and when you see her clips (I gotta say this, sorry)
you will go COO COO for her COCO PUFFS!!!!
Coming in 2012, Coco Simone will prove to be the
Greatest African American "fart girl" to ever hit the scene!
January 3rd 2012
"mean jeans"
No better way to start out the new year
than with a hot blonde ripping HUGE
long bombs!  Blondie is back with a
sexy clip that represents a staple
in our community... JEAN FARTS!
Oh, and apparently they smelled really bad.
Get your membership in order because
2012 is going to be a CRAZY year!

December 29th 2011
"Screen Test"

I decided to post the fantastic
cell phone videos that Alexis
originally sent in as an 'audition'
for GGG.  As soon as we seen these
clips we knew that we had to give
this girl a contract!  She is a cute,
curvy little fart machine!  Join GGG today!

December 20th 2011
"A Star is Born"

18 year old Alexis Young had one mission in life.
To take her gas to the big time by joining GGG!
We are very proud to bring you her first set and
let me tell you... she's one of them!  What I mean
is.. there have been a few girls that have debuted
here that became ROCK STARS right out of the
gate(Ambrosia, Jack Da Ripper, Britney Moore)
and when you here her BIG, LONG, BUBBLEY
CHEEK FLAPPERS you will soon agree, she's one of them!
This hottie waited patiently
to become old enough to
work for the greatest site
in the world!  The day she
turned 18 we gave her a job!
Get your memberships in order
you f*ckers!  Alexis Young is a Commin'!
December 8th 2011

I personally love cabbage farts!  They are
kinda like brocculi farts with a hint of "sweet".
Apparently blondie does not enjoy the smell
like we do.. you can tell by the look on her face.
Some of these farts were LONG!  Blondie puts
her ass so close to the camera you feel like she
is letting out those cabbage bombs right there
in the same room with you.  Dream on, dream away!
December 8th 2011
"Point Blank Range"
"Blondie" is back with a POV clip that is
not to me missed!  She knows you like
her ass.. she knows you like her farts..
so she decides to put them both at "point blank"
range from your face.  Some of these farts are LOOONG!
You will love the sound of these GUFFY farts!  You can
tell that they really stunk just by the sound of them!
We can't smell her farts in real life but this clip takes
us right in there.. about as close as you can get!
December 1st 2011
"Public Displays of Affection"

In the world of Girls Gone Gross our ladies show
their love in a very unique way.  They fart LOUDLY
 in PUBLIC PLACES!  That's right,  hitting the town
with Lexxxi Lockhart is not your ordinary outing.
This big booty babe farts LOUD AND PROUD and
it does not matter where she is at and who is
around!  If you are a lover of PUBLIC FARTS
than this clip should be considered a MUST SEE!
November 22nd 2011
"Lexxxi in Tight Jeans"

Lovers of girls... lovers of jeans... lovers of farts
lovers of girls farting in jeans....  and most importantly
lovers of BIG ROUND BOOTY!  this is your moment!
We have Big Booty Lexxxi Lockhart farting in jeans!
*in my best Drake voice*.....  "you can thank me later"
November 16th 2011
"Return of the Blond Bomb"

Addision Lynne is back on GGG and we are
very excited!  We were the first to introduce
her and now she is back where she belongs!
She is so pretty, has such a great, toned body
with a nice round PLUMP ass!  Even more than
those things THIS GIRL CAN FART!  She can
rip ass with the best of them and she is right
back where she started from, on Girls Gone Gross,
November 10th 2011

in some of my favorite positions in skin tight jeans!
Fart Lovers it really does not get any better than this!
Unlike her other videos this one is "voyeur" style.
Natt is slowly but surely turning into fart girl GOLD!

November 1st 2011
"Toot toot, hay, BEEP BEEP"

"RAD GURL!! yes its the return of RAD GURL!!
So cute, so sexy and some of her best farts
ever caught on camera!  YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

October 26th 2011
"Princess Natt"

Naughty Natt is one of the newest girls to
hit the fart scene and this week she is doing
something new for fart lovers.  She is being
very "ladylike" as she sits with her sexy, thick
legs crossed and farts loudly on her couch.  This
video is shot "voyeur" style which means she is
paying no attention to the camera.  Come watch
Natt roll out LONG, BUBBLEY farts from her sexy
round ass over and over again, "ladylike" style!
I love Naughty Natt... she is such a "princess".
October 18th 2011
"Hi Def Hotties!"
Fiona Applez, Kinky Kristi and Chastity
3 of our Hi Def Hotties!  They each have
there own individual sites and if you have
not checked them out you are missing out
on some of the greatest female fart content
ever released!  All in HIGH DEFINITION!  Here
on GGG we have yet another sample from each
of these fantastic sites. and

October 11th 2011
"Sister Act 2"
Once again we would like to give our loyal GGG
members a preview to our sister sites.  This time
we feature the sites
and  RottenOnionz features farts from
the most CURVY ladies on the internet.  Big beautiful
farting beauties!  Disturrbia features the most "extreme"
farting scenarios and includes the most nudity of all
of our sites. is a site we built for fart
fetish icon Fun Peggy... need we say more.... ENJOY!
October 4th 2011
"Sister Act"
We want to show you what you are missing
if you have never joined any of our "sister"
sites!  First we will start with the GOAT!
Kristi is sexy, farts super HUGE and has
an ass to die for!  In my humble opinion
she is the greatest fart model of them all.
She heads up Next
we have Fiona Applez.  Perfect body and
model face, huge natural boobs and great
farts!  She heads up  Lastly
we have Chastity who is on
Big ol "onion booty" fresh new boobies and
HUGE, LONG BUBBLY FARTS!  These "sisters"
are 3 of the fart girl greats and we have decided
to give you a sample of each site... and they are
all shot in HIGH DEFINITION!  Check this out!!
September 29th 2011
"mean jeans"
I don't know what got into them but
Naught Natt's jeans really have an attitude!
Especially around the "butt area" because
it keeps barking LONG BASSY JEAN FARTS
like a pit bull at me!  My guess is it was the
Indian food that Natt made on the weekend.
Deep farts that stink of spicy curry have
basically taken over her whole house!
BRRUUUUUUMMMMPHHH!  "down boy down boy!"

September 19th 2011
"ready...aim... FIRE!!"
Assume the position soldier!
Get on your knees behind her ass!
ok Violet, do what you came here for..
ready...aim... FIRE!
September 13th 2011
"we are FREAKS!!"
Fun Peggy did this video for a fan and I
just had to share it with all of you!  Peggy
teases the cam with her ass and farts and
talks real "fetishy" like.  SHOCKER... her
ass looks amazing!  nice farts in this one
too.  She talks about the fetish and
invites you all to put your face in and take a big
sniff!  This video tells me one thing about
us when I watch it... WE ARE FREAKS!
September 6th 2011
"Do my farts smell bad?"
Well, she asked you a question.  Do her farts smell bad
or what?  Be a pal and get down on your knees and let
her but that big round bootay in your face!  See Fun
Peggy had some bad food and it is really turning in
her poor little tummy and she wants you to give her
your absolute honest opinion...  Do her farts stink bad?
August 31st 2011
"Kolumbiana.. A night to remember"
Imagine spending the night with this Kolumbian bombshell!
So sexy, so exotic and she has the craziest curves I have
every seen in my life!  She is all tits and ass!  We got her
to load up on her favorite cuban sandwich and junk food
just so she could get gassy and let loose for our cameras!
She showed off her amazing body to our cameraman
and low and behold the sexy farts started flowing!  She
tells our guy her thoughts on the fetish, squeezes out
a few sexy burps and even farts on the toilet for us!
JOIN NOW!  To see a chick of this caliber farting on
camera is truly an amazing feat!  A night to remember..
August 22nd 2011
"Areil has fun with her farts"
I think most would agree that Areil is one of
the sexiest female farters to come along in
a while.  Sexy outfits and a body to die for,
she has already carved out her own "lane"
in the world of girls farting.  For once however
we get to see her having some fun and being
silly with her explosive gas!  The sexiness,
well that is always there... can't really get rid of
that.. and why would you want to?!  Again, it is
great to see her "humorous" side.  A side not often seen
August 2nd 2011
"A star is born- Areal"
It is only her third clip and it is already
one of the best fart clips I have ever seen!
For starters her ass is RE DUNK U LOUS!!
She for sure fits in in that GGG "elite ass"
category!  The farts in the clip are HUGE
and WET!  So wet that she soiled herself
toward the end.  She has fun with the
whole girl fart thing too..  She is not at
all embarrassed to perform for her fans.
You heard it from me kidz..  This Areal
chick, definitely one to watch!
July 25th 2011
"Lexxxi Lockhart finale!"
This is the clip you want to see!  Lot's of farts,
lots of booty, lots of Lexxxi!  This is the finale
and it has lots of HOT action!  We sure do hope to
work with Lexxxi Lockhart again in the future
because she definitely went out with a bang!
She wore her sexiest outfits and ripped her
biggest longest farts in this one!  She is so
awesome to work with!  This is a clip I am
sure you all will LOVE!  100% Real farts from
one of the hottest BIG BOOTY adult stars
in the world!  Join GGG today!
July 18th 2011
"Part 2 with Lexxxi Lockhart"
We have just posted part two of our Lexxxi Lockhart
update!  In this clip she puts that WORLD CLASS ASS
on display for our cameras!  We talk more about farting
and she shares her opinion on fetishists.  After a while
she managed to squeek out a long airy SBD but that
was just the beginning!  This clip is climaxed with
a HUGE multi-toned bass ripper erupting from her
big ol' booty!  She even farts on the toilet!  JOIN NOW
to see the next chapter!  GGG cannot be stopped!
July 11th 2011
"The Debut of Lexxxi Lockhart"

 The world has been waiting to see Porn Starlet
Lexxxi Lockhart on GGG and that day has finally
come!  Watch her stuff her face with greasy, spicy
pizza in effort to brew up some farts for the GGG cameras!
This is just part one of the LL experience.  This is the
"interview" portion.  She discusses her farting habits
and how she feels about us fart fanatics.  She even
tells us about her most EPIC POO!  Then as an added
bonus we have a video from the newest fart sensation
to hit the scene.. Naughty Natt!  She is wearing tight
jeans in this clip and the sound of these bassy BUBBLERS
will drive you INSANE!  This is a double feature you can't miss!
June 27th 2011

 This chicks body is OFF THE HOOK!  Watch
our newest find sexy Ariel stuff her plump
round booty into some tight jeans and fart
for us!  I'm talkin' ASS FOR DAYS on a petite
frame!  We have some GREAT asses here on
GGG, Kristi, LMT and Violet just to name a
few and this chick falls right in line with
the aforemention RUMP SHAKERS.  She
is no slouch in the fart department either!
If you have not joined yet to see this hottie
you are truly playin' yourself!

JUNE 20th 2011
"Look what I found!"

I was "sniffing around" looking for a new
farting girl and look what I found!  Sexy Areal
is one of the newest girls on the fart scene
and she is super sexy!  Once I seen that
HUGE ROUND ASS I knew I had to make
this hottie a GGG super model!  She has
a few clips that she has put out that were
great, but what till you see her fart.....
GGG STYLE!  Fart fans... Let me say one
coming soon to
June 13th 2011
"Only The Big Ones!"

 We recieved many requests from fans
to see another clip of Violet's sexiest
and BIGGEST farts!  She has really
learned what the fans want to see
over the last year and of course
her body is always on point.  Her
booty seems to get bigger and
rounder with each update.  The
only thing missing is her biggest
and longest farts right?!  Well
here you go!  Voilet OTBO 3!

June 7th 2011
"This is why she's a GOAT"

There is an elite class of fart
models that we call GOATS.
This is our running list of
the "fart fetish greats" and it
is a very short one! At the moment..
1. Lizzy 2. Little Miss Toots 3. Peteuse
4. Kinky Kristi 5. Jackie(JTR)
There have been some amazing
models but these are the best of the best
in our book!  So without further ado let
us present a "jean fart" clip you will
likely never forget!  This is Kristi and
This my friends is a G.O.A.T.
(One of the greatest of all time)

Be sure to visit her website
MAY 31ST 2011

"She's got legs.. and she knows how to use them".
I mean really?  How sexy are those legs?!  Thick,
full, toned and they look so sexy while crossed
and leaning to the side!  Now add in the LONG,
BUBBLEY FARTS and you got a winning clip
on your hands!  Emma has been turning in
some awesome content to us!  This girl is on
a roll right now!  Here is another gem from
her featuring HUGE FARTS and her sexy "legz"

MAY 23RD 2011
If you look up the definition of Anthem
you will get this description of the word-

"The term anthem means a song (or composition)
 of celebration, usually acting as a symbol
 for a distinct group of people"

The "symbol for a distinct group of  people"
part is the main reason I titled this update
"anthem".  In my opinion this clip is a "symbol"
of  what it is all about!  This update encompasses
everything that we love about girl farts!
Emma turns in a PERFECT set of
"ladylike" farts for us!  Her legs are so
thick and shapley and the farts are HUGE!
if you are not in love with this clip!  This
clip exemplifies what we stand for!
Nothing more to say.. you just gotta see it!!

MAY 9TH 2011
"Only The Big Ones!"
(bubblebutt edition)

Here is another hot clip of Violet
but this time she is showcasing
her fantastically round ass!  I
swear for such a petite frame
she has a very FULL, THICK
and ROUND ass!  It is just
begging for a face to be buried
in it!  Once again we had her taple
ONLY THE BIG ONES and in this
set these are probably her biggest yet!

MAY 2ND 2011
"Only The Big Ones!"

 Violet.. AKA "miss tooty booty" has come a
long way in making girl fart videos!  She has
put out some great stuff lately and if there
was any knock on her it would be that she
does not always fart HUGE like we want our
girls to do.  She's got the style and the
sex appeal and she has definitely got the
ASS!  All she really needS is the BIG farts!
So for this set we told her only tape her
BIGGEST, LONGEST farts over a period
of a couple of days!  So here ya go fart
fans!  Sexy Violet doing what you have
been dreaming to see her do... fart HUGE!

APRIL 18TH 2011
"Violet introduces her fart towel"

Kinky Kristi has made the fart towel very popular so
we wanted to see Violet's version of the same idea!
Both are petite with big, full round asses.  Both
are fantastic farters and most importantly both
are GGG fam so you know they know what we
like to see when it comes to fart videos!  Violet
shoves the towel right up her crack and rips
bassy rips right into the fabric of the towel!
Join GGG today to see Violet's twist on this hot idea!
APRIL 12TH 2011
"the NEW Chastity"

Already being one of the best, Chastity
did not really need to improve that much
as a fart model.  She did however find a
way to turn it up a couple notches.  Not
only does she look better than ever but
this is cleary her BEST fart clip she has
ever done!  She even gives us an
Chastity fans and fart lovers
all around the world... DON'T MISS THIS!
APRIL 4TH 2011

WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! We start off with a few
older Chastity clips then we transition to the NEW CHASITY!
She has been hitting the gym hard, she has a new hairstyle
and one other special surprise... BOOBIES! Yes.. she is an
official "triple threat" now with a new set of double d's to
compliment her already off the charts ass! Not to mention
her farts are BIGGER, LONGER and more BUBBLEY than ever!
This is a "before and after" you will have to see to believe!

MARCH 28TH 2011
"One to watch"

Naughty Natt, one of the newest hotties
to enter the game!  I been keeping my
eye on her and I will tell you.. she is one to
watch!  Sexy body, super cute and awesome
farting skills!  In this clip she rips some nice,
long bass farts in tight jeans and panties!
Great personality on cam and you can tell
she loves farting for her fans!  She has also
been a definite force in the toilet fart world!
Naughty Natt.. again.. "one to watch" in 2011!

MARCH 21ST 2011

It certainly did not take Emma very long to
learn the "GGG style" of making videos!
She is definitely a pro at this! Long drawn
out farts.. check.  Big round ass... check.
Sexy outfits... check.  Sexy Poses... check.
Mission Accomplished baby!  You are now
officially a GGG model!  Join GGG today to
witness Emma's amazing transformation!
MARCH 14TH 2011
"Emma's GGG Makeover"

We are happy to announce a new
addition to GGG.  Sexy Emma will now
be featured on our site!  She is no stranger
to this niche, as a matter of fact she has
put out some great stuff over the years.
I love her stuff and I have always wanted
to see her do clips "GGG Style".  Curvy,
sexy and thick in all the right places but
most importantly... THIS GIRL CAN FART!
Join now to see Sexy Emma farting GGG Style!
MARCH 7TH 2011
"Torch Officially Passed"

Hide all the sharp objects in your house because
this clip will make you want to KILL YOURSELF!
At the very least you will want to cram a butcher
knife right into your eye because this clip is FIRE!
NOBODY does videos better than the Princess of Farts
and using her as our "blueprint" Fiona Applez is well
on her way to becoming the next GOAT!  We already
know that Fiona has the most amazing naturaly tits
but WHO KNEW that she had an ass that could also
compare with the best of asses!  This girl is straight
dynamite!  I won't waste anymore of your time....
"What's Next?"

Over the past six years we have achieved
a lot!  So what's next you ask.  Well these
two models represent the next era of GGG!
Sexy Fiona Applez is now a full time model
here at GGG and Naughty Natt just signed
on as well!  There is not slowing down around
here and these two hotties are just a taste of
what is to come in 2011 and beyond.  Fiona
is just so sexy it is ridiculous!  and Naughty
Natt has turned in her BIGGEST, LONGEST
farts yet!  This update us sure to please you!
and then you in turn can please yourself!

"The passing of the torch"

Being the first site of its kind, founded
in 2005 we here at GGG like to consider ourselves
girl fart "historians".  We have labeled certain girls
as "GOATS" in other words girls we feel are the
"greatest of all time" to ever participate in this niche!
When it is all said and done there are 3 on our list...
1.  Kinky Kristi 2. Jack The Ripper and 3. Little Miss Toots
Here at GGG we stand by this list and would be happy to
"debate" with anyone that feels differently.  That being said...
There is always room for more in that elite category and Fiona
Apples is making a serious run at that fourth slot!  Simply put,
One of our goats, the POF is in the process of passing the torch
to Fiona Apples because in our opinion she will be the next GOAT!

"Ms. Tooty Booty"
In my circle we always put booties in one
of 2 different categories.  Tooty or Fruity!
Tooty asses are usually found on slim
petite girls and they stick out and are very
round and nice in size compared to the rest
of the girls figure.  Fruity asses are bigger, fuller
thicker asses usually found on thicker heavier chicks.
Sexy Violet is the perfect example of a "tooty" booty!
Its like you see this petite chick and then you see that
ASS!  You are like "where did that booty come from?!"
This is a great clip of her showing off her sexy rump
and farting VERY LOUDLY after filling up on Beans,
Rice and lots of Beer!  This clip will drive you WILD!
If you look up the definition of Anthem
you will get this description of the word-

"The term anthem means a song (or composition)
 of celebration, usually acting as a symbol
 for a distinct group of people"

The "symbol for a distinct group of  people"
part is the main reason I titled this update
"anthem".  In my opinion this clip is a "symbol"
of  what it is all about!  This update encompasses
everything that we love about girl farts!
Chastity is just so hot and curvy and
her farts are so long and BUBBLEY!
if you are not in love with this clip!  This
clip exemplifies what we stand for!
Nothing more to say.. you just gotta see it!!

"Fun With Farts"
This girl likes to fart!  You can tell
by watching her in action.  I love
a hot girl that can appreciate a good
bodily function joke.  Like when she
rips a HUGE one while on the phone,
one so huge that the person on the
other end heard it.  She laughs at
the funny sounds and how LONG
some of them are.  Some of them
were "never ending"!  All in all
 this chick really has fun with farts!
When you pack that much ass into a pair of jeans
coupled with the stink of "deviled eggs" you can
call it only one thing... DEADLY DENIM!  Fun Peggy
has been doing a lot of entertaining here in the
new year and all week long she has been
snaking on left over deviled eggs.  She
makes them with mustard and a hint of
Tabasco sauce and her friends LOVE
them!  She made a lot and in turn has to
eat a lot so they don't go to waste.  They
give her HUGE, EXPLOSIVE farts that
are "insanely stinky" in her own words!
She got a whole lot of gas and thats a
whole lotta ass!  Which makes for an
AMAZING GGG update!  Join Now!
"Belated Christmas Gifts"
Everyone has that one friend that for whatever reason they could not
get together with during the week of Christmas to exchange gifts.
Family obligations, last minute shopping whatever... the bottom
line is it's the first week of the new year and you still have gifts
that need to be delivered!  That is what this is!  Babushka and
her gassy friends have more Holiday Gas to share with you!
Her friends rip some of their BIGGEST farts yet!  Consider this
a "belated" Christmas gift!

"Panty Raid"
I love it when chicks wear cute, full-back panties!
Violet has a rather large collection of super hot
panties that show off her round bubble butt!
So she puts on your sexiest most "girly"
panties and on top of that we had her only
record her BIGGEST farts!  If you love ROUND
 asses like I do.. if you love girls farting like I do...
if you love the combination of both.. like I do..
then you will LOVE this update from sexy Violet!!


Naughty Natt really had to PUSH to let
all that holiday gas out of her petite body!
Just look at those facial expressions!
These farts were LONG, BUBBLEY and
WET!  She is definitely my "rumblin'
bubblin' brunette"  Many outfits,
many poses and most importantly
many farts!  Join Now to see one
of the fart worlds rising stars
and watch her put her self in the
discussion of "hottest new fart
girls to hit the scene!"

DECEMBER 21st 2010
"Babushka and Friends"

Another Christmas miracle!  Babushka
is back with her sexy friends for another
hot new set!  A lot of rips from the new chicks
in this clip!  One of them really gives B
a run for her money in the fart department!
Not to be outdone our "big booty cutie"
Babushka gobbles down the muesili
and totally gets her "fart on"!  Just in
time for Christmas another hot set
from one of our favorites from the
past and two new friends!

DECEMBER 13th 2010
"The 12 Farts of Christmas"

Christmas has come early for GGG members!
Look what jumped out of Santa's bag.. Babushka!
Yes Babushka is back and she brought some
friends along!  These two cuties can FART!
She has taught them very well!  We do a lot
 of "sexy" fart clips here on GGG but it is always
nice to bring back the concept of which this
company was built off of.. Hot girls having
fun and farting "candidly" on camera!  Lots
of great rips in this clip!  So great to see
the very beautiful Babushka back on GGG
and her friends are wonderful as well!  Join
Now!  This is definitely a special treat!
DECEMBER 7th 2010

Here on GGG we pride ourself on having some
of the best asses on the whole internet!  We
love butts around her so if you have a nice
ass and lots of gas you will always have a
job with us!  In this clip we want to feature
some of the girls with the BEST asses on
the whole site!  These are the elite, the
best of the best!  Besides showcasing
BIG, BUBBLE BUTTS this clips just so
happens to have some AMAZING farts
in it as well!  Fun Peggy, Kinky Kristi
and sexy Violet.. 3 chicks with HOT
asses and AMAZING gasses!

NOVEMBER 29th 2010
"Topless in Tight Jeans"

Yuliya is back again making a clip GGG style!
This time she is completely topless in skin
tight jeans!  Her body is so tight and sexy
and her ass looks AMAZING in these jeans!
Most importantly she farts HUGE for such
a petite little thing.  This is one gassy
girl let me tell you.  Yuliya has her own
unique style for her own clips and we
love to bring her around every once
in a while to shoot "GGG style" and
this clip turned out very very HOT!

Please visit her awesome clipstore!
To check her out click on the pic below!

NOVEMBER 22nd 2010

Sleepy time!  This is my favorite part of the night!
Your girlie has been eating gassy foods all day
and after hours of letting the gas "marinate" it's time
to get in her "comfy" pajama's and LET IT ALL OUT!
Welcome to Peggy's Pajama jammy jam!  I just love
the way her ass  looks in those loose fitting Pj's
Sometimes the bottoms have to come off if it is too
hot and she likes to sleep in her sexy full back panties!
I just wish I was there with her while she was ripping
those LOUD, BASSY farts!  This clip is HAWT!  I will
tell you one thing fellaz.. that ASS is too CRAZY!!

NOVEMBER 16th 2010

I love mashed potatoes especially garlic mash.
I love fart clips because i love hot girls that are
not embarrassed to fart.  As much as I love
mash potatoes loaded mash potatoes are always
a nice bonus.  Chopped onions, cheedar cheese
sour cream... mmm mmmm good!  As much as
I love and appreciate fart clips I really appreciate
clips of hot girls that are LOADED with farts like
this one.  Fart after fart after fart after fart!
There is even a little APPLE DROPPING
at the end.  Naughty Natt is back again making
a name for her self in the world of girl farts!

NOVEMBER 9th 2010
"5 MINUTES OF FUNK Featuring Naughty Natt"

We have found a budding superstar!  Naughty Natt is
so hot, so pretty with a great body and she can really
fart!  In this "5 minutes of funk" clip we feature Natt
farting NONSTOP in different poses, different outfits
with little or no wait time between farts!  This clip is
LOADED with sexy farts from this sexy new brunette!
We LOVE this girl and hopefully she stays around
for a very long time!  GGG brings you the HOT new
faces and 100 percent REAL farting since 2005!

"Bubble Butt"

Yes the "ass parade" here at GGG just keeps on
marching on!  Violet has such a full, round ass
for such a petite frame.  So round that it is like
the ultimate "bubble butt".  I could just stare
at her ass all day long and in this update she
wears the outfits that compliment her booty the
most!  Sexy panties, boy shorts, jean shorts
and even some sexy lingerie!  On top of that
ass of hers she is ripping some HUGE, LONG
farts in this update as well!  She has a small
frame but she can rip with the best of them!

OCTOBER 26th 2010
"That ass is too phat!"

*Let's listen to the ruling on the field*
"There are several violations.. EXCESSIVE ASS!
Too big and too round!  Also EXCESSIVE GASS!
Too  loud, too BASSY and apparently very stinky
from the sound they gave off!  Ass too close to
the camera, may cause viewer to have heart attack.
There is also a violation for Taunting the viewer
with your ass! ... viewer of this clip may
become frustrated at the realization that nothing
this AWESOME could ever happen to them in real life!
The final violation goes to the GGG member after he
joins to see this update.. because this SUPERSIZED
CLIP will cause you to have "excessive celebration"
because you will celebrate excessively after seeing
OCTOBER 18th 2010
"Top 5 Dead or Alive"
1. Alice from Fetishfad
2.Lizzy the "Queen of farts"
3.  ?
4.(two way tie)  Kinky Kristi the "Princess of farts" and "Jack Da Ripper"
5.(two way tie)  Little miss Toots and Ambrosia

The conversation is a difficult one, the question,
"Who are the top 5 fart girls of all time?"  I must
admit it is very hard to narrow it down to just
5 because there have been many great ones
and they were all great for different reasons!
Peggy's "body of work" is not as big as some
of the other girls but I can tell you in our book
she has already entered the discussion of
"who is the best" with just the few clips she
has delivered to us so far!  She is one of
the "original" fart girls and she really
knows what us fart  lovers want to see!

"Extreme Makeover"

Yuliya is the hottest new model to hit the scene in a
very long time so we just had to grab her up to do
a set for GGG!  Many have seen her do her thing
in her very own, unique style but what would it
be like to see her fart "GGG STYLE"?  THIS IS
SO HOT!!  She plays the role of your girlfriend
and she is indulging you because she knows
you are mad about girl farts!  Her body is so
sexy and toned in her cut off jean shorts and
she rips some really HUGE farts for a girl her
size.  This is a Smokin' hot clip from the
newest Smokin' hot babe to hit the scene!
Mistress Yuliya "made over" GGG STYLE!
 Pinch yourself, you are certainly not dreaming!

Please visit her awesome clipstore!
To check her out click on the pic below!
SEPTEMBER 28th 2010

VERY BIG NEWS!!  The Cat is out of the bag!  We have signed an exclusive
deal with the Legendary Fun Peggy!  She was one of the pioneers of female
farters so it is only right that she comes back and works with GGG!  This
update is all about the "past, present and future" of GGG.  Kristi cameos
on this update because she represents the very foundation of what this site
is all about... SMOKIN' HOT GIRLS FARTING!  Our newest talent Farty Gurl
represents the present.  We are currently grooming her to take over the
world of girl farts!  Fun Peggy of course represents the future because
she is definitely going to take us to the next level!  Just like she never
left, Fun Peggy comes back packing a very powerful punch!  Huge,
round ass, loud BUBBLEY farts and doing all the things you have
always DREAMED of seeing her do in fart videos!  A cameo by the POF,
Farty Gurl our newest sensation makes a cameo and the return of
Fun Peggy!  This ladies and gentlemen is an update that is NOT TO BE MISSED!!

SEPTEMBER 13th 2010
"Only The Big Ones"

After bringing you the terms "dropping apples" "guata la ba ba"
"duck butt" and others, C World Entertainment is here to introduce
yet another new item.  O.T.B.O. (only the big ones)  There are
girls out there that are amazing at doing fart videos but they
lack one ingredient... BIG FARTS!  We have always loved
Violets videos but her farts really are not that huge.  Well
this time we had her tape Only The Big Ones!  Thats right
over a one week period we had her tape her biggest boldest
farts and send them to us.  We told her... if it ain't a big one,
delete it!  I have been dreaming to see Violet rip BIG, LONG
farts!  Join now because this is definitely a dream come true!

SEPTEMBER 6th 2010
"Bubble Butt"

Soiled Panties anyone?  We all know that Chastity
has a super round booty but in this clip she has
a "bubble butt" in more ways than one!  After hearing
most certainly agree that she must have made a "mess"
in her panties!  You could tell by the sheer sound of
these bombs that they smelled really really bad!  Join
Now to see the return of sexy Chastity and make sure
 you wear your googles because these farts were WET!

AUGUST 30th 2010
"In your face with human waste!"

Blonde Bombshell Addision sticks her round, muscular
booty right in your face and let's go some the the LONGEST,
GUSTIEST (is that a word) farts I have ever heard!  This clip is
like a movie featuring Addison at work, Addison at play
and everything in between.  Join now to see way Addison
has already cracked the top 10 fart girls of all time!  Next
stop, the top 5!  Join today!

AUGUST 23rd 2010
"Rare Air"

This is a special treat!  It is very rare that we get to see
a fart clip from America but we just happened to get
our hands on one!  Consider this air "rare" from her
very round derriere!  America is the quintessential
"girl next door" type and this site was built on that
very concept.  The normal chick that you see at
the supermarket or at the mall revealing the
secrets that most woman would not be caught
dead doing... at least not on camera.  Girls like
her farting for guys like us is what GGG is all about!
This makes clip number 700!!  Woo Hoo!!

AUGUST 16th 2010
"We Da Best!"

This may very well be the BEST fart clip I have ever
seen all things entailed!  The poses, the size of the
farts and the ULTRA SEXINESS of Rad Gurl!  Her
body is so tight and shapely it will make you DROOL!
This is definitely the clip of a lifetime!  Ya know,
there have been a lot of people jumping onto
the fart girl "band wagon" lately but I don't
want anyone to ever forget who started it all. over 5 years strong!!

AUGUST 10th 2010
"Violet's Gift"

Violet has a gift for you, her sexy farts!  She knows
that you have a "thing" for watching girls fart so
she is going to show you exactly what she would
do if you were right there with her.  She takes that
stuffed animal and punishes it with her noxious gasses!
Her sexy round booty is very lethal in this vid!  Imagine
it is your face in her ass and not the stuffed animal.  This
is one of my favorite scenarios so watch models do and
I could not wait to see sexy Violet take a stab at it.  Hot!!

AUGUST 4th 2010
"Brittany all grown up"

Smokin' HOT are the best words to describe her!
It is so great to watch Brittany Moore
shape up into a confident, sexy young woman!
When we first met her she was shy and a bit
"awkward" on tape but now she is ripping
those MONSTER farts of hers with the
utmost of confidence and self security!
She is so sexy and hot in her lingerie
and all the various other outfits she is
wearing and she is farting with a newfound
sense of purpose!   Yes! She is now a hot,
curvy, confident woman ripping her famous
LONG, BASSY farts at a whole other level!
There is even a hot toilet scene included in this set!
JOIN NOW to see the number one fart
girl of all time back to take over the whole thing!

JULY 28th 2010
"The Ms. Fartsy Show"

We consider Ms. Fartsy as a very underrated
fart babe.  She is a cutie with a bootie and
she always rips loud BUBBLEY wet farts!
We decided it was time again to showcase
her and her farts in all of their stinky glory!
In this clip you will see many outfits, many
poses and she will talk about her main
fart fuel.... RAW HOTDOGS  Join now
so see this cute, shapely blond ripping
ass like there is no tommorrow!

JULY 19th 2010

We are here to bring our loyal members an extra long
DOUBLE update!  This clip is 22  minutes long and
it is an Addison Lynne TRIPLE FEATURE!  Sexy panties,
tight jeans, ladylike farts.... every sexy scenario you
can think of from one of the most popular models on
the scene right now!  This clip is loaded with sexy
farts and lots of action!  You gotta see this!

JULY 9th 2010

Lebron James had "The Decision" well GGG has
"The Return"  The return that is of the glorious Brittany Moore!
We, like Lebron, have been keeping this secret to ourselves for
a very long time and now we are happy to bring to you the return
of our most popular model of all time!  She does not miss a beat
and delivers one of her best clips yet right out of the gate!  Back
to deliver those LONG, DRAWN OUT BASSY FARTS that she has
become world famous for, Brittany is back bitches!!

MAY 26TH 2010

We had to put this Spanish Queen video on GGG because
it reminded us of when we very first met Isabella!  She has
such a beautiful spirit and she is so pretty!  It was just like
old times watching this video!  Great HUGE rips as always
and she even farted in some lucky guys face!  This is
a MUST SEE Spanish Queen video with a cool
bonus clip at the end!  She does it all in this video and
she even farts LOUDLY on the toilet at the end.  Join
GGG right now to see the return of Latin Royalty!

MAY 5TH 2010
Addison Lynne's "Morning farts" VERSUS Ms. Fartsy's "Muffled Fabric Farts"

This is another battle of the blondes!  Addison turns in an AWESOME clip
of her morning farts.  She always has her biggest farts in the morning so she
turned on her camera every morning for a week so we could see the results!
Ms. Fartsy turns in a clip of one of my favorite scenarios!  She farts with her
 ass buried into soft fabric!  I love that scenario because you know that
 the smell of her sexy HUGE fart will stay in that soft fabric and "linger" for a while!
Well there you have it.  Two of my favorite blondes doing two of my favorite
types of clips!  GGG fans do not miss this!

April 3rd 2010
"Mano y Mano"

Two of my favorite blondes go head to head in a Full Length SUPER CLIP!
Addison Lynne and Ms. Fartsy are two new fart models that hit the scene this
year and they both have a similar look and style.  They both are blonde, they
both are very pretty and curvy and they both have EXCELLENT fart skills!
So we decided to pair them together to see which one could "out fart" the
other.  Join today to see this battle of wills between
two of the hottest new fart girls to hit the scene!  Who won?  Join to find out!

March 19TH

Kylie and Kristi are just hanging out and farting away!  
This is a great candid clip of two girls having fun with their farts.
  They "pull each others finger" they talk about how each others farts REEK,
they have a contest to see who farts bigger.  This clip is filmed
 "youtube style" and shows two girls just having FUN with their farts!
March 8th 2010

Sexy Violet is farting away in her sexy skirt and heels!  Sitting with her legs crossed
she sits there and ever so slightly leans to one side and rips LOUD farts!  Her legs
look so sexy and curvy in all these various skirts and dresses.  She sure looks
like a lady but she does not smell like one!
March 1st 2010

Get 2 VERY kinky sisters and 2 VERY large bottles of Captain Morgan
and get them together for 2 VERY long days of shooting fart videos and
you will not believe the end result!  Join TODAY!