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C World Entertainment's FAQ

Postby The KOF » Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:35 am

In this post I will attempt to answer some frequently asked questions as well as attempt to dispel rumors or untruth's about this company. This thread will be frequently updated so refer to it often to stay up on things.

1. "Are the farts real?"--- Let me make this clear once and for all. YES!. The reason why this company was started way back in 2005, was to be the real deal. Every model is filming there natural gas on a daily basis. Having the hot girls do REAL farts is the main reason I started doing this and mainly the reason while I still do it today. I would have no interest in doing this if the girls were not farting naturally... if that were the case then the girls, the videos.. the company... the sites... it would ALL be different if I were faking the farts. There would be many many more models... much bigger updates, more frequent updates... yada yada yada. C World Entertainment runs the way it does, uses the models that it does, updates the way it does... all because we REFUSE to use anything other than real farts coming from these girls intestines/colon... (or where ever farts come from)

2. "How often do you update?"--- In our newest format we try to update every other week or twice a month. Again, the girls are actually farting in these videos which is basically non-existent everywhere else in fart fetish. Have you ever wondered why 95% of fart fetish videos the girls are naked? Because they are all pumping air up their asses with turkey basters. They are naked because they pump... and film.... pump... and film.. and when you are doing that it is just easier to stay naked.... Our girls wear jeans and leggings and long dresses and all sorts of other things because THEY ARE REALLY FARTING! Creating natural farts is not a perfect science and often times the girls run late in turning in their content to me so updating every 2 weeks gave them more time to film their best farts for us to enjoy. Have you noticed that just about everyone else films one continuous scene with fart after fart after fart.... again because they are pumping between takes... I have my girls film their "best farts of the day" every day for 2 weeks and they send them in compilation form.. again which takes time to sort out... thus the updating bi monthly.

*addendum to number 2* Sometimes I don't update the actual website or announce or promote an update right after the update is done. That does not mean that the members area has not been updated. So it may look like the sites are going longer between updates if you are checking the main site and not the members area..... but again.. we try to update every 2 weeks or less if possible. If you are a member to one of our sites check the members area regularly.. even if the regular site does not show a new update.

3. "Where has Rilee Stuart gone?"--- Rilee is on the fence about doing fart videos anymore. She has been turned off by this community and it's many antics and the continuous harassment on social media and email. She says she still wants to continue doing videos but at the same time she has not sent me anything new in a while... so I have been holding her spot, with Assley filling in for her because she is one of the most popular models of all time and I am not ready to replace her yet... but if I don't get something new from her soon I may have to find another model for fartygurl.com

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